Smart Class :

Computer or Technology aided learning has become a key to new ways of instruction so to make teaching-learning more interactive and interesting. The school has got all classrooms equipped with Teach Next smart class, comprising of a smart board, core 2duo computers, keyboard, mouse, mimio, latest speakers and LCD Projector.

Library :

The library of the school is well equipped with various books on different subjects. There are around 3,000 books in library. It also has numerous periodicals, Magazines, newspaper to enlighten the students

Computer Labs :

Computers are required in a school for many activities. They are being used not only by the students but also by the teachers. The school has well equipped with all latest softwares and with Internet facility which are used by classes Nur to XII. These labs include Pentium IV computers each,scanner and LaserJet printer. The computers for classes Nursery to XII include 17 inch monitor, to enhance learning in an enjoyable manner.

Physics Lab :

Physics is an experimental science and history of science reveals the fact that most of notable discoveries have been made in the Laboratory. Experimentation forms the foundation of growth and development of Science.
The students from IX to XII perform various experiments and activities here. About 25 students can perform the practical at a time .Besides this, we have a computer with internet facility in the lab

Chemistry Lab :

Chemistry lab of the school is properly lit, ventilated and well equipped with a capacity of 30 students to work together. It has proper stock of Borosil glass ware and digital balance along with all the necessary chemicals & apparatus. The Lab has a proper store attached to it.

Biology Lab :

Well illuminated, ventilated & fully equipped with computer, latest instruments and apparatus. The lab facilitates the preparation of projects, which help and guide the students to keep abreast of the latest research and developments in this millennium. Research and developers analysing the "Flora and Fauna" find an opportunity to do this in the school's Bio Lab which is well equipped to serve the purpose. The lab also facilitates the students to experiment with food component, thereby enriching their knowledge about health and hygiene and medicare area.

Mathematics Lab :

Mathematics arouses fear among many students, which in turn creates hindrance to learning . It needs to be learnt with a sense of joy and delight. To create interest in the subject, Mathematics laboratory provides an opportunity to students to use ample number of models and kits that provide hands on experience to them. The students work in groups on mathematical kits and assimilate the concept in a better manner.

Home Science Lab:

Home science lab is well equipped with latest equipment for eg. OTG, Mixer Grinder, Cooking Range, Fridge etc. students learn about the nutritious recipe at low cost. They also learn tie – dye, flower arrangement and rangoli. It is introduced as a main subject in XI th and XII th class.